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The term "poncho" reminds me of a clear, giant trash-like bag we used to throw over ourselves whenever it rained as a child. Over the years, ponchos have become a must have in women's closets from the onset of fall through the cold winter days. There are so many diverse styles of ponchos out there but today I will be showing a few different ways to wear the open front style - a dressy and casual look!

I love the versatility and comfiness a poncho gives me every time I have one on. It makes me feel like I am wrapped in a blanket all day while looking fashionable. I guess this is why many people are adding these to their wardrobes. I have yet to find a poncho that isn't super cozy, and they come in so many amazing patterns, colors, styles, and materials.


First up, we've got a look that would be perfect for a formal event. For this look I went ahead and paired this color block open front style poncho with a nude sweater dress from Target, some knee-high boots, and some unique accessories. This look screams classy and cozy. A poncho is a great layering piece that adds on to your overall look taking it to the next level. Just remember to keep layers clean, looking polished and not so bulky like this dress. This look can easily transition from day to night without worrying about the temperature dropping because it keeps you warm all through the day!


Next, we're taking our poncho on a casual look! The right poncho can double as a coat to keep you warm without all the extra bulk. This look is perfect for brunch with your girls or significant order. In Oklahoma the weather tends to fluctuate with the afternoons a mixture of sun and wind. Sometimes wearing a jacket tends to be too much and makes you too warm. Quick fix to this? A Poncho!!!

For this look, I have paired this poncho with some high-waisted jeans, white long-sleeve tee, a belt, some earrings and same boot from the look above. Brunch and mimosas here I come!

You can also give this poncho a different look by belting it up!

Whether you're rocking your poncho out in town, to the office, for date night or any event whatsoever, wear it with confidence!

Until next time,

💗 Sosa


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