LOLA Organic Tampon

Even on days I may not feel my best I am still very cautious of what I put in my body. When it comes to menstrual product I take utmost care what I use as I know that my body deserves the best during this sensitive time of the month. Products that are safe and comfortable for me are always my go-to!

On this blog post, I will be sharing more on the LOLA Organic Cotton Unscented Tampon.

LOLA Organic Tampons are with 100% organic cotton, unscented, BPA free plastic applicator, pocket size, gynecologist and FDA approved, hypoallergenic, and comes in different varieties of menstrual flow. Might I add that they are made by Women!!!

They are very comfortable and absorbs well with expansion in different directions to protect against leaks. It is made without fragrance, synthetic fibers, dyes, chlorine bleach, and chemical additives.

It comes with a pamphlet that has all instructions and details on the products. with this tampon you are rest assured that you are using a safe menstrual product without fear. They are available on and on Amazon. One thing to keep in mind is to order the right size based on your flow as it ranges from Light to Super+

This tampon will be an absolute necessity from now on for menstrual products that I will always have handy as it meets all my requirements.

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